Who will replace Rumsfeld ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Xenia, Nov 17, 2004.

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    That's pretty obvious - Paul Wolfowitz
  3. Wait a second...I'm confused.... Rum's is out? I can't keep up with these people...
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    No, not yet. But I think it´s time that he should be out.
  5. Jeez.....for a minute there I was getting worried that I was missing out on the news... By the way, I happened to be on the phone with my mother and I said to her, 'Rums is out?! When did this happen?!' and my mother says, 'Yes, that's old news' and when I said, 'It can't be that old because I only heard about it today' she claimed to have heard it a few days ago.... so now I just corrected her and she says, 'Well, he should be!'
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    I doubt Rumsfeld is going anywhere any time soon. One, he feels he's got unfinished business in Afghanistan and Iraq. Two, Condi Rice really coveted the job of Secretary of Defense, in fact word was that she told Bush that if it wasn't available then she was returning to Stanford (where she was Provost prior to her job as National Security Advisor). With Powell resigning it gave Bush an almost irresistible carrot to dangle in front of Condi, and my guess is that even so she would've held out if she had any indication that Rumsfeld's departure was imminent.
  7. The reason Rumsfeld won't be going anywhere soon - and why Ms. Rice probably understood that from the get go: Rumsfeld's protege (from the Nixon and Ford Administrations) Cheney (a former Secretary of Defense himself under Prez Bush I) backing Rumsfeld to stay on as Defense chief.

    Condi will have more than enough to handle as Secretary of State; may she serve the country well...
  8. Rubbish.
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    Please elaborate !
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