Who will Iran nuke first?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Looks like the Obama regime has stuck its head in the sand and is allowing Iran to build a few nuclear bombs. They have fuel for at least 3 bombs right now.


    So who will they nuke first, Israel? Saudi Arabia? The United States? Maybe we should get a pool going.
  2. If I was an israeli, I think the safest place in Israel right now is Jerusalem. They wouldnt dare nuke Jerusalem.
  3. I doubt that Iran would nuke Israel. Israel has at least 200 nukes of its own, about half of which are kept outside the country on submarines, surface ships and aircraft. A nuclear strike on Israel would invite massive retaliation. The Iranians are crazy, but they're not stupid.

    Would Iran strike the US? Possibly, but unlikely. Any bomb made in Iran would have a uranium/plutonium signature that could be identified as Iran's. It's not like they could sneak a bomb into the US, set it off and then claim they had nothing to do with it. Again, they would be subject to massive retaliation.

    A Middle-East feud that most people are unaware of is the one between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia hates/fears Iran more than they hate Israel. Iran would love to be the boss of the Middle East and control all the Saudi oil. And I doubt that anyone would come to Saudi Arabia's aid if they were invaded by or nuked by Iran.

    Bottom line: I doubt that Iran will nuke anyone; but if I had to pick one I'd say Saudi Arabia.

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    The Iranians should be careful not to hit the concession stand right in the middle there. It could be bad.

  5. Definetly not you sissy zionist bitches. You ALWAYS tend to inflame someone else who is stupid enough to send his children to carry out your war.
  6. No worries though. Even if Iran does launch a nuke towards Israel, Israel will have plenty of time to intercept it as camels can not move that fast.
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    The only result will be an arms race in the ME. Why do you think we are selling $60b worth of arms to SA?
  8. Let the neocon fear mongering begin! Another war now!

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  9. The question would Iran bomb Israel and sacrifice itself as a martyr.
    Is there any history of Iranians willing to commit suicide in the process of an offensive act?
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    More mindless tripe from the village idiot. Grow a brain.
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