Who will buy Hummer from GM?

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  1. Hummer out, Volt in?

    Wagoner also said GM is launching a strategic review of its Hummer line of heavy trucks and that it may sell the unit, though finding a buyer will likely prove difficult.

    "This is very difficult environment to sell a brand like that," Mainstay's Kudla said. "Unfortunately for GM, Hummer just doesn't have much consumer appeal at this point."

    The proof is in the numbers. Hummer sales were almost cut in half in April compared to a year earlier, with 2,380 moving off the lots down from 4,375 in 2007.

  2. GM is idiotic.

    When gas is back to $2, watch them backtrack.
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    Whenever I see someone driving one of those damn Hummers, I think to myself "now there is someone who has firmly solidified themselves as a complete asshole."
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    Walmart will begin selling Chinese trucks and SUV soon.
  5. The Hummer needs to be a diesel. Most new diesels are clean and get far better mileage.

    US needs to move from gasoline to diesel and CNG. Gasoline/Diesel pricing is currently upside down! Internationally diesel is normally less expensive.
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    I have no idea who the f*ck would by Hummer, but GMC should pay someone to take that burden of a line from them.
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    Hummer? When the gas price above $4.00/gal? I won't. My guess is that production line will be closed soon.
  8. wonder if kohlberg kravis and roberts are willing. is GM's stake in Hummer involved with the HMMWVs used by the US Gov or not? There's steady business in that.
  9. I hope I'm wrong but I don't believe we'll ever see $2/gal gasoline, ever again. Unless the government does a 1 for 10 reverse split on the ever rising US$.

  10. The new govie contract is replacing the Humvee under the JLTV contract. The Humvee is a goner:

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