Who will be the next bankrupt company? BSC? MS? CFC? ETFC????

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by jreynolds212, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Everyday, the financials just go deeper into the red. The time now is to vote who will be America's next bankrupt star.
  2. LOL,

    Too late guy. That game has started. Read between the lines. None of those institutions will be 'Bankrupt".

    There will be dealings behind close doors. They may limit withdraws, CITI has made the first move to do so on ATMs...but the truth, the american people can't handle the truth.

    We will read about what banks were bankrupt in the next book written 20 years from now. Until then, its consume as normal activity. Hey, in fact there is a 100 inch HDTV flat screen out now...so more the reason for the sheepole to re-finance their homes.....

    If you hold dollars, make sure you stick them in a CD pegged to Foreign currency baskets. You may have to shop around for the right institution that will offer you such.
  3. The first three are "too big". The first two are primary dealers. Nobody would care if the fourth disappeared.