Who will be the Dem candidate?

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  1. WRONG He is as WHITE as he is BLACK ( his mother is caucasian..I believe 100% )
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  2. Oh, boy. The powerful are too comfortable to notice the pain of the weak, and the weak lack power.

    As for who will be the Dem [or Repub] candidate... What matters is not who does the voting but who does the nominating. And who does the nominating is who owns the political apparatus. And that ain't you, either. A system is democratic only to the extent that its citizens are equal. That includes equal access to power, which the majority of the unwashed masses of Americans don't have. That includes equal access to information, which we also don't have. What runs the world is not rights but privileges, which, again, most of us don't have. If voting could change the system, it would be illegal.
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    You forgot to mention "Trade Ideas" in your post. Are you okay?
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  4. Congrats. You just descibed the human condition. Life is not fair.

    And the idea that "rich" people live "better" lives than "poor" people...
    Is highly questionable if not altogether false.

    Quality of life...
    Stems largely from character, family, friends, health, work, and your spiritual growth...
    None of which is dependent on wealth...
    And most of which is within your power to improve on an ongoing basis.
    Quality of life is 90% the right attitude.

    But building character is hard work.
    It's much, much easier to play the victim and manipulate everyone you encounter.


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  5. Guess sarcasm is a lost art.

    Not one person laughed when I posted this?
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  6. Good post.

    I run into a lot of people who are getting by on what you've described in your last paragraph.
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    Great post. I don't expect one liberal on this board to agree with you, but hat's off to you anyway. Imagine that, the secret to happiness not revolving around wealth, go figure. Who knew.
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    For presidentail candidate it might be Hillary but if Condi Rice gets into one of the Pres or VP spot for Replublicans then Barak Obama might win the VP position on Democratic side.

    Hillary might make a better president than Bill himself.

    George Bush has wiped off any chances of Jeb or any other Bush from even respectfully running for office let alone reaching the final round.
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  9. My post wasn't about quality of life. I guess we believe what we want to believe.
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