Who will be the Dem candidate?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kleiner, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Kleiner


    Who will be the Dem candidate?
  2. John Edwards
  3. Hillary.

    Remember, Bill famously said, in his previous presidential campaign, "You get two for the price of one." (Meaning Bill and Hillary). That's the plan again.
  4. taodr


    Another Idiot !!!
  5. bill should run again. who would have thought that after bush even bill clinton looks good to a registered republican.
  6. Yes.

    Believe me, you can trust Bill Clinton till the last star falls from the sky.
  7. Cheese


    If Condi runs she will be unbeatable. Would Hilary risk her scheming ass against that challenge?
  8. qazmax


    Cheney & Rumsfeld 08!!

  9. fhl


    What about Joe Wilson, with Michael Moore as vp. :D
  10. condie might be a booksmart woman but she seems to be a lightweight in the street smarts department. doubt anybody would take her seriously as a presidential candidate.
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