Who (whom) leads Whom (who)???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by BIGJOHNY, Sep 26, 2006.



    In the morning, I see the stock prices from stocks trading overseas. Do they go first, and we follow, or is it the other way around. OR.. does nobody lead. Can we use these prices to our advantage somehow ? Im new so forgive the simplicity of this question, that must be common Knowledge to most.....Thanks, BIGJOHNY
  2. It's highly circumstantial, but I'd say in general the Nikkei and the European mkts follow the US mkts. (so when if the SPX closes up 15 pts tomorrow you would expect thurs morning to see the foreign mkts strong) Of course any fundamental data occuring overnight will hit the Nikkei first, then Europe, and in this case the US would be the last to absorb the news.
  3. Instead of looking at foreign (non-US) markets, look at where the major US indices are trading to get an indication of the market's opening. Now, get back to your New Haven dorm room and finish your English Lit homework.