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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Tony01, May 9, 2002.

  1. Tony01


    I'm starting this thread to get a feel for the typical member of this website.
    Please read all the above choices and pick the one the best fits your current situation.
    I myself fall into the active retail trader category. This is somewhat broad ranging from 20 to a few hundred trades a month.But I feel this is the category for the trader who usually tries to swing but can also scalp when certain conditions exist.
    I have differentiated the pure scalper from this category because he/she would NEVER hold overnight and would do hundreds of trades a month probably with big size.

    I'm sure many here are interested in these results as I am,so please vote and as accurate as possible.

    PS Although I rarely post, I have been an avid lurker of this website for over a year. It is by far best site on trading.

    Thanks for voting,

  2. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Nice to see an interesting and informative use of the polling feature to get a feel for ET members, rather than the normal drivel that passes for most polls.
  3. you mean i SHOULDN'T post my "who married their highschool sweetheart?" poll?
  4. Drats!
    I just knew Knight had people spying on me here.
  5. Aaron


    You forgot to list institutional trader/portfolio manager and commodity trading advisor.
  6. Tony01


    I figured I'd leave something out, although, I can have only 10 options for a poll.

    I suppose these choices could fall into the Office-based Pro or Marketmaker categories.:(

  7. Let me speak up for the so called "Alternative Investments" trader
    What about Futures Traders?
  8. Tony01


    I guess I had intended the poll for equities traders since that is my thing but would like to get into futures trading in the next few months.

    I apologize for any other categories I may have left out such as floor traders. But also understand I'm limited to only 10 options in a poll, which reminds me that I left out options traders. . .sorry.

    I guess you could still vote as a retail trader or scalper if it seems accurate.

  9. DblArrow


    Home-office commodity trader at 20+ trades a week.
  10. No "long term investors" yet .....
    #10     May 9, 2002