who watches 24?

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  1. WHAT A GREAT SHOW... i LOVED last season and i can't wait for the new one to start! i really can't say enough good things about this show. it was like a 24 hour long movie that was AWESOME. the ending was so good too. the main character (jack bauer/kiefer sutherland) tried to save his wife throughout the entire season and in the last episode she got murdered!!!! this show has balls. too many tv shows/movies have predictable endings (the good guy always wins).

    i remember when the final episode ended and it showed the last few seconds of the clock ticking, i had like chills for a little while and i kept saying to myself, "THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!!" then i went to fox.com and emailed them to say i loved the show.

    anyway, my purpose here is to find out who else here watches it and to let those that don't watch it, know how good it is. oct 29, 9pm est fox.




  2. stu


    since you ask GG I thought it was predictable, tediously protracted, mental weariness causing crap.

    Perhaps I've watched too many movies :D

    edit: and so contrived I was writing the next episode before it was shown
  3. lol to each their own.

    i did guess some things, but i was definitely wrong a lot too. for example, i thought nina could have been the bad guy (girl), but i was like nah....she was too nice and helpful to jack. it would be too obvious.....BUT THEN SHE WAS THE SPY! even though i could guess it, i was still shocked. you can question anything, but you never do know for sure.

    as far as terri dying, that threw me off too. throughout the show, i hoped that either jack's daughter or wife would die..just so that it wouldn't be like every other show. i didn't know who it would be though.....and i never knew if it would really happen....but i'm glad they did kill terri.

    btw, after i started this thread, i watched the final episode again. i still have it on tape...i never let myself tape over it. i've watched it like 5x. it's so good, imo.
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    that could be my problem.
    I'm now at my 57,346'th re run of the end section of ET. More exciting imo, but obviously this has side effects :)
  5. Elisha Cuthbert is the only reason I watch 24!

  6. you're welcome
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    ok Gordon I want to reconsider.

    Maybe I was a little hasty. All I need is a video editing machine.
    Keeping in the good BITS (if you know what I mean, nudge nudge say no more squire)
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    I like it. One of the only network shows I watch (other than sports).
    But it did get a little predictable. And I still can't figure out the part about why they had Jack shoot Nina. :confused:
  9. rs7,

    what's your question here? i can probably explain it. i don't understand your question, though.. the only time jack shot at nina was in the last episode, when they were both driving cars in the parking garage.

    p.s. i think nina is a great villian. the actress did a good job. nina is a smart, cut-throat, get the job done, professional spy.

    i loved it at the end when nina was talking to the german speaking woman on the phone. nina said, "why germany?" then the caller said, "leave no tracks to germany" while terri was right next to nina. i was like, "oh shit, she's dead!" also, i believe nina didn't want to kill terri. i really believe she was going to just tie her up...but later, when she said germany in front of her, she knew she had to kill her.
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    No, in an earlier episode he shot her on the side of the road. But he had slipped a bullet proof vest on her in the office before he took her in the car. This was when he was following instructions from one of the bad guys.

    Also, I thought they could have done a better job tying in the girl who blew up the plane at the beginning. She could have been a great character, but just sort of vanished from the plot. (or I wasn't paying close enough attention).
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