Who was tipped on central bank intervention ?

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  1. Something is definitely fishy , right at 6 am there was a very sharp reversal out of nowhere in AUD/USD and EUR/USD, the former jumping 80 pips in a few minutes, 30 pips in one minute (somewhat unusual for ozzie) .
    Was there any news behind that pop ? If there weren't , I guess someone traded on inside information.
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    Chinese reserve ratio cut then.
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    inside trading in the FX market is legal init?
  4. You can always find a reason. lol. Thats the thing, you can always find a reason to make it seem as if it was what caused the move. No way to really find out.
  5. The media providing cover to the investment banks trading operations. The NY Fed tip the big houses off to any and all major events. The big houses front run the announcment.
  6. Why don't you all concentrate on spotting price action momentum to find a trade instead of pumping useless whining rants about inside info and front running.

    Bunch of babies....
  7. Do you think that the government departments who goose markets don't pre-trade and setup profitable situations so they can trade ahead of their own information releases? Do you think they don't let market makers know ahead of time for maximum effect?

    Don't forget that insider trading is only bad if you and I do it. The big firms and government are allowed to do it. Big firms say they are sorry and just pay small fines if caught. Laws are different for different people.

    Don't worry about this when trading. There is always someone with better information out there. Just learn to trade well and dump positions immediately (or hedge them properly) if you are wrong.

    Good trading.
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  9. +1 lol
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    You saw all that call volume in the financials yesterday? I assume you bought on that.
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