Who was responsible for moving up the Florida primary?

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  1. It is commonly reported that it was the Democrats in Florida that were behind moving up the primary but I recently heard on CNN that it was the Florida legislature that is mostly republican and Florida's republican governor that pushed the bill to move up the primary and the democrats couldn't do anything about it. Is this true? If so, why do we keep hearing that the mess in Florida is the fault of the democratic leadership down there?
  2. The Democrats failed by having lost so many seats over the years in Florida they had no power.

    The DMC lost by going to proportional representation. The only time in the election process that is ever used. Thus increasing the chances of a close nomination.

    The DMC lost by not fixing the problem and re-voting.

    Don't forget the primaries are an operation of a private enterprise and not the responsibility of the State
  3. I live in Florida. Moving the primary up was a bi-partisan effort:


    But Republicans in the Florida Legislature — supported by many Democrats — pushed through a measure setting Jan. 29 as the date for their state's presidential primary. Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican, is expected to sign the bill.

    GOP officials in the state say they had no idea until late in this spring's legislative session that the change would create so much turmoil on the Democratic side.

    "I don't think anybody made us aware of that until the very end of the process," said Marco Rubio, the Republican state House speaker.

    And Jeremy Ring, a Democratic state senator from Broward County and co-sponsor of the legislation, defended it.

    "If the choice is Florida is relevant and has no delegates versus being irrelevant and having delegates, I'd choose being relevant with no delegates," Ring said. "We did this so 18 million Floridians could take part in the presidential primaries, not so a few hundred people can go to a party in Denver."
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    "Who was responsible for moving up the Florida primary?"

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