Who was affected by cme outage today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by manonfire, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. manonfire


    Cme had an outage today over an hour. It affected several fcm’s. Barely a peep from et, does anyone here actually trade?
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  2. destriero


    It was weird. I was on TWS in Truckee CA and I was screaming at IB support. At least I didn't get Ernest on the line. I apologized when they told me it was exchange issues.
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  4. southall


    I would think most traders aim for hold times well over an hour.
    As trading on shorter time frames = higher commissions.
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  5. wrbtrader


    Maybe ET members were not trading during the outage on the CME.

    Mayber ET members were not trading on the CME (they were trading elsewhere)

    What time was the 1 hour outage...when did it start and when did it stop ?

  6. rb7


    I had an opened position during the outage. It didn't impact me. I closed the position at profit after the outage. It was business as usual for me.

    Btw, all my trading is fully automated.
  7. Lee-


    This. I primarily trade US equity options, so while I saw the bulletin in TWS, it had no material impact on me. Sure I have some CME products on my watch list (ex ES, CL), but they're for reference (I don't trade them). Closest items relevant to me would be SPX and VIX options, but they're on CBOE (not CME).

    I definitely see advantages in the consolidated nature of some futures products trading, but reduced impact of exchange problems is definitely a positive of the distributed nature of the US equities trading.

    I see exchange problem bulletins somewhat regularly on TWS, so unless they affect me (unlikely), I don't pay much attention to them. Does it only show you bulletins for what you have trading permissions on? I have permissions enabled on everything even though I'll likely never trade most of them. Perhaps I should disable so I stop getting the bulletins for random exchanges.
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  8. I was trading crude oil, only noticed delay in reporting filled order on TOS, order was flagged completed, but wasn’t moved to ‘filled’ section, still stayed in ‘working’ for 5 minutes or so.
  9. EsKiller


    Rarely trade after 12:00 est so does don’t affect me either
  10. My software program tried to place an CL order automatically at approximately 3PM ET. It was rejected by IB with some funky error message, which I didn't understand when I saw the message one day later. Now I understand what has gone wrong.
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