Who wants to start a Hedge Fund?

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    Kinda halfway serious here.
    We all have our strengths and weaknesses now don't we.
    Relocation is an issue for most of you I guess.
    Not a bad idea, but probably impractical.
    It would work though. I'm a good spotter of talent if I do say so myself. Thats what I can bring. I have a short list of ET posters.
    Oh well.
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    Baron as the manager with all he's learned....
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    No more clients or employees for me.
  4. The true star traders would leave after a couple of years to start their own hedge fund;
    instead of making someone else rich, o_O ...and you would be left with just another ho-hum failed/average fund,

    Steve Cohen and Soros and Paul Tudor Jones and others all followed the same path.

    And besides, and slightly more importantly, it kind of becomes impossible to trade once you're a huge hedge fund.

    The retail trader generating huge returns has a competitive advantage; compare a 100K trading account...with a 100 million account, or a 100 billion account,
    It's just like the animal kingdom...the smaller animals are much more agile and nimble for high velocity moves/returns -- a blue whale...is a slow dinosaur, that creates a small tidal wave just releasing a fart,
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    Also, a lot of guys here will have strategies that will not do well when scaling up. I wouldn't be able to do what I do with 100 mln... probably not even with 10 mln. And I trade rather safely, not using max margin.

    And scaling up is the whole idea behind hedgefunds.
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    He has a decade of work. He just doesn't know it.
  7. Pekelo


    You are kind of the Debbie Downer here, keep shutting down ideas before they have a little time to prove themselves...

    So what? That would still mean a few good years for the fund and trader circulation exists everywhere. Also it isn't that easy to start a HF, some traders are not interested in the business side of it.
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    Actually, I got a slightly different idea, maybe stupid but I will run it by the board:

    What if we would make a "Trader's" HF? I will explain. Every trader has draw downs, times when the profits just not there. Some other traders might not have enough capital. So what if the group would even out the capitals and the gains? The advantage for some traders would be more capital, for some others the more even profits. Also, the traders should be trading different markets so this way there is a certain type of diversification.

    It is almost like subscribing on C2 to several vendors. The idea is that when 1 vendor isn't making money or even losing, the others are still profitable...

    Anyhow, just an idea...
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    @Pekelo that's basically how a prop shop operates.
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