Who wants to help me lose money at a slower rate?

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    First post on this board. I've been lurking a bit though. Right now I have a scottrade account with about 25k in it.
    I currently work full-time and try and trade trends a bit while working. I tend to trade on high volatility and close stops.
    Soon I think I'll have more time to invest in trading.

    My question is, where is a good place to start trading if I have time.
    -continue with stocks, and learn options to hedge my bets?
    -trade es, how hard is it to get a tick a day average? which broker/software to use?
    -trade forex?
    -anyother ideas

  2. good question
    play defense
    trade stocks, nothing else
    never take a positon of more than 2500
    hard stops at 5%
    do this for a year
  3. of course you won't take this advise
    no one does
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    Start with something simple, like stocks or etfs,high-leverage products and derivatives will just allow you to lose faster/more spectacularly. Since what you're doing is directional there's no need to over complicate things.

    Using options to hedge is a losing game for most, the best hedge is to just reduce your size.

    Come up with some basic money management rules and follow them.

    Of course, finding a strategy that works is 90% of the game, so until you do that none of the rest really matters except staying in the game.

    If you want to lose less, trade less/smaller. Good luck.
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    1. Not a bad idea.
    2. Really hard. Don't try it. You'll end up refusing to take a loss and take a big hit.
    3. Use IB w/ Amibroker or Sierra Charts
    4. Don't trade forex with IB. Commish is too high, use futures.
    5. Be your own guru and paper trade until you're profitable (use IB's simulation account).
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    Why don't you take the time to cool your jets in the live markets and concentrate on formulating a comprehensive trading business plan.

    Get yourself much better organized in terms of trade entry, profit targets, stop-loss targets, capital allocation and risk allocation on a per trade basis, that type of thing.
  7. Well trading FOREX or any other futures is probably not for you yet. They're usually way more volatile than stocks.
  8. Yeah, it's not them... it's you.

    People only take advice from those who help them understand why the advise is wise. I wouldn't expect anyone to listen to you (or anyone else on ET) unless you help them to see the perspective for themselves.
  9. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%55
    one share of DIA could help.Study ''books'' @ top of this page.

    But frankly, trading cash, or [high priced]gold coins, for trading books maybe best.

    Digesting , so to speak[not just reading ]all 3 top traders books by Jack Schwager tends to be quite helpful...............................
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    doesnt matter because

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!!!!
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