Who wants to have riskarb back?

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How do you feel about ET without riskarb ?

  1. Thank God the j*** is gone!

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  2. He needed a cold shower, a ban for 4 weeks would have been perfect...

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  3. Now I will never understand options, ever, what have you done?

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  1. Seems that riskarb got banned for offensive behaviour.
    I think a number of options students will be sad to hear that.
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  3. I think MAGNA and BARON made their point.

    Allow Riskarb back! Lets not be hypocrites here. How many people are banned and come back in an hour with a new ID. Riskarb needed a time out in your opinion, not a complete banning.

    If you can have racist conversations in full detail in Chit Chat, how could you kick someone out permanently when they have apologized for using a bad word (rumor is Risk's wife washed his mouth out with soap).
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    Oops. Just saw this. Dang. :(

    Take care, risk. We'll catch ya on the other side...

  5. Thing is, Riskarb posted <b>thousands</b> of helpful, knowledgeable posts, then three or four uncharacteristically offensive ones while in a bad mood one day- and gets banned.

    Kingcobra posts 385 posts, <b>every single one</b> is useless racist crap, of no value to anyone, yet somehow he gets to continue? :confused:
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  6. You will see though, once Kingcobra makes 3 or 4 uncharacteristically helpful posts, he will be BANNED!

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    One of few educators with such extensive option knowledge. Offensive behaviour should be controlled, but common sense is the key.

    This forum would look poorer without man like riskarb.
  9. These kind of things happen all the time, and not only at ET. That's why the knowledge is so difficult to find anywhere.

    You first have to find somenone who has the knowledge, afterwards you must hope that that person is so "stupid" enough to share his knowledge for FREE. After that you must hope that he doesn't give up while he is being bashed constantly.
    Only when all these conditions are fullfilled other people can learn something.

    If he is smart he will not come back anymore, and if he would come back he has to be crazy to share anything at all in future. Amazing that a person that apparently gave so much good advice to many others ET'ers gets so little support.
  10. That is a good point. Why post your knowledge for free so that EliteTrader can profit from it?

    I have very limited knowledge on trading, but I did set up my own trading website last December and have recouped my start up costs plus 1 years hosting.

    I would say that there are about 15 key posters here that could start up their owns sites and keep the revenue themselves.
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