Who wants to fall for this nigerian scam?

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  1. bluud


    this is the private message I got on my ET account:




    Dear one,

    Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into long time relatioship and financial transaction for our mutual benefits.

    I am JOYCE OMALA and I inheritated an important sum from my late father who died in recent crisis in Cote d'Ivoire. I wish to request for your assistance in investing this sum in lucrative venture or manufacturing and real estate management in your country.

    I have One million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars. USD($1.500,000)to invest in this transaction and I will require your assistance in receiving the fund in your account in your country. I will gladly give you some reasonable percent from the total sum for your assistance. Please it is important you contact me immediately for more clearification on the next step for smooth conclusion.

    Awaiting your immediate response and God bless you.

    Thanks for your understanding

    Yours Sincerely,


    PLEASE REPLY TO: omjoyy@yahoo.com

  2. Sounds HOT!
  3. djxput


    Do you know they have internet cafes full of these people trying to scam people. Its their job.

    Government doesnt care either ...

    We should hire people to knock their internet down so they cant do this :)

    oh and they have rap songs about taking money from the dumb white people ...
  4. tyler19


    I work at a bank, and you wouldn't believe how many people fall for these scams.
  5. You should see the indentity scam segment on CNN. There are a some Nigerian immigrants, not all by any means, in Houston that are professional idenitity thieves. They caught 1 guy with $2.5 mil US in a safe in his house! They just troll for credit card apps. in apartment buildings, breaking into mail boxes and such. They caught some of them after they had already been deported twice because it's easy to get bogus passports in Nigeria.
  6. Paul5320


    How do they know that 100% of these emails are coming from Nigerians and or Nigeria? I find that hard to believe. It's just giving Nigerians a bad name.
  7. ever get those hand written letters? too funny. i had one jackass approaching people in the parking lot with a letter explaining why he needed $100-1000
  8. The other day Dateline NBC had a show on this. They exposed a few scammers.
  9. neke


    I think they would go out of business if more people watched segments like that on CNN or on the web. Unfortunately most Americans place less emphasis on being informed, and watch only American Idol and Deal or No Deal
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