Who wants 22.5% risk free in the next year and a half?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sharkey24x, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hi ,

    This is going to sound like I'm a con artist from Nigeria but thought I would see if any one would want to do this anyhow since I have all documentation ect.

    I have an inheritance of $224,000 dollars coming to me when I am 25. I'll be 25 in a year and 5 months. I need an advance against the inheritance and tried a couple companies that would gouge me with 30+% fee/interest a year so I need a private lender to lessen the interest a bit.

    The money is all in a trust right now very well diversified, mutual funds, bonds, gold, silver. I need $30,000 now and would give the lender $36,750 in sept of 2012. I have statements of the trust assets and the will, I already asked the trustee for this money but she won't give it to me because she wants to "follow the will to a T" . I need this for a downpayment on a great property . The whole thing is stupid because my father made this will when I was very little . He wanted to amend it after I turned 18 but ended up dying before he got around to it so here I sit.

    I can't spend anything in the trust. The trustee can't spend anything other than legal fees( which there is none and will be none) .There are no other interests in this trust besides mine so the money will be all set for me when I turn 25 then I hand over your share and it would be a done deal.

    Please PM me if interested. Like I said 22.5% for the next year and a half risk free. You can draft the contract to fit your wording /needs so you are comfortable with everything.