Who Uses The Sponge ? You're Kidding !!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. "While no working actor or actress would ever use a product that dramatically changes your complexion - can you imagine them showing up for work in a series with different skin from the day before?
    What happened is, one of my many "overly" satisfied customers who have gone on to Xeroxing my instruction sheet and stapling it onto any rag that vaguely resembles my TRADEMARKED Cloth saw my return Hollywood address on the package they received from me me and got creative.
    BUT HERE'S THE RUB................... Most of the world's pornography is produced here in the San Fernando Valley suburb of Los Angeles, a ten-minute drive from Hollywood. I started getting many orders from the Valley, big orders for dozens at a time. It turns out the Porn industry has taken a shine to my Amazing Cloth to eradicate body acne and embarrasing pimples in places where some people don't even have places. It is apparently easier and cheaper to use my MicroDermabrasion Cloth that to slab on body make-up which is used on every single shoot.My CLOTH is replacing body make-up. I'm not proud. But next time you see an adult film star looking good ALL OVER, I want you to think,Thank you.Stan !!!"

  2. LOL whens your 2am tv infomercial comming out? I could picture Nikki Tyler using the cloth in a demonstration.

    Cool product though, very curious maybe i'll give one a try..

  3. a ten dolla' dish towel .. LOL :p