Who uses Metastock?

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  1. Hey guys.

    I'm curious how many of you use Metastock?

    Answer the poll and let's find out :D
  2. Last time I used it was version 8 around 2005.

    MetaStock has not aged well. It is quickly outgrown because of its limitations.
  3. Same here; the last time I used it was version 8 and it was dreadful. Layouts were set in stone (couldn't change chart parameters on the fly etc)

    I see they're up to v11 but at 1700 bucks to piggyback off eSignal (also a charting package) is insanity, or be married to their own data source at even higher expense.

    There are far better ways to spend money than Meta, which also can be used with more sources of data.
  4. For several years up to maybe version 8, metastock was generating wrong backtesting results. For example it would not correctly open a long position at the open of next day (bar) if another long position was closed on current day (bar). That impacted the results for swing/postion trading systems but also of some trend-following systems that exited a position due to a price swing but then were supposed to open it again. A couple of years ago a paper was posted here on ET that detailed those problems but I cannot find it now. Maybe someone has saved it and can repost it. To conclude, I would not trust this product althouth I always liked the graphics quality. There are better solutions for a fraction of the cost like Amibroker, for example. This product has minor backtesting issues but ofefr portfolio backtest and some other nice features, like WFO (not that I use it of course).
  5. I've only ever used it for charting which I still do, but less so since I've now come to
    rely on MetaTrader 4 , plus there's a fee to pay for realtime data in MS unlike MT
    MS's chart image is very good, better than MT's, but that's it
    for order entry - futures - I use NinjaTrader which is 'free' and MT for analysis
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    Metastock is a dodo.

    Rumors suggest that they will be restricting their data to only a Reuters feed come Metastock v12.

    This will be nail in the coffin for Equis.

    I remember when Equis tried to push Metastock v10 with the "RMO Trading System" by Rahul Mohindar. It apparently had taken the "world by storm". Yet everybody who tried backtesting it said it simply took their account size by storm. This seemed to be the modus operandi of Equis from v9 to v11.

    Check out Amibroker as a cheaper and more functional alternative.
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    So since I was interested what was meant by minor issues you told me via PN:

    Here http://is.gd/u8uYWj (in the pic it should read "... and exits @next bar's open") again and now publicly is the proof that there are no such minor issues but rather minor coding inabilities on user's side. So far I haven't found any calculation bugs in Amibroker. It's working rock solid and reliable. Why are you that sure that your code was correct? I doubt it was.
  8. First of all, your pic is a total mess. It seems that cirlces are exits, not entries as you say. If that is the case, where is the exit of the first signal? (I remember that problem too). Remember, the issue was about entering a position at the close of a bar and exiting at the next open and doing that continuously. What the heck you have there? Can't you understand a simple problem?

    Check the entry and exit times and stop sending PMs accusing others of being incapable to see what you failed to see.

    Also, what the hell is 50174 contracts in eurusd?

    You seem to be out of control. You will be put on ignore.
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    What the hell are you talking about? Simply read what I have written in my last post.

    So for Buy and Short signals circles are entries at close and for Sell and Cover signals circles are at next open (BTW Sell and Cover are exit signals. Just in case you didn't know that). Triangles and arrows are signals at close. Even a four years old kid would get that.

    And how on earth can a circle be an exit e.g. if there is a short triangle on same bar?? lol

    You ask where the exit after first short signal is? First there is an arrow for cover signal at close of 11:50 bar and next bar there is an exit circle. Exit price is 1.23781 at 11:55 Open. I don't think it's that difficult.

    What's to check?? Entry and exit times are correct. Buy some glasses in a six pack.

    What that is? Well, as I said you have no clue. It's UNITS, so it's 5 mini lot. Think! Used margin is 1,003 in first trade.

    Yeah whatever. Go ahead, Billy boy. But the fact remains that you are just too incapable to see your own inabilities of understanding simple things.

    But first learn how to code (correctly).
  10. You did not answer on the problem I posed. Write a system in Amibroker that enters at the close of each bar and exits at the open of next bar. You just posted some system that enters at some close and exits at some open. I don't understand why you have to get so sensitive about it and attack people you don't know. Do you have psychological problems? Here you go:

    Data: MSFT daily from yahoo! Start at : 01/2002 (so everyone can get that)

    Rules: Enter at close of each bar and exit at open of next bar.

    Post the results here. First 20 trades. Let us see what you get you "expert".

    Try to be nice. Otherwise you are onlu hurting yourself. Badly...
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