WHO uses indicators?..do you tweek them?

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  1. 1. Who uses indicators?....if you DONT, then please dont post

    because i only would like to hear from those that do.


    2. Do you tweek them to give you more/ less signals or are you happy with the default settings?

    I just discovered 30 mins ago the major difference tweeking an

    indicator can be. I thought if I wanted to smooth out the

    indicator, I just needed to see it on a longer time frame...ha.

    Here are two charts, on the same time frame using the same

    indicator..except the 2nd one is modified just a bit, and what a

    difference it makes!

    chart 1: stochs 3 period %k @ 3 and %d @ 3 ..very choppy

    chart 2: stochs 100 period %k @ 5 and %d @ 5 ...very smooth

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  3. i tweek all my indicators.
  4. what do you use?
  5. its all about knowing price action. speed things up and its more volatile. slow things down and it smooths it out.

    depends on timeframe and trading style really.
  6. Looking at the second chart it appears you got your indicator to look exactly like the candle chart. However looking at the far right side of the chart what does the indicator tell you that the candle chart doesn't?
  7. I use 1) a standard indicator that every trader on planet earth knows, 2) a very simple made-up indicator coupled with a combination of soft skills such as support/resistance, fundamentals, SPY analysis for position entry, (very simple) sector analysis, etc.

    But my first cut comes from 1 and 2 and I've been doing very well in these down and sideways markets of late.

    Imo there's no substitute for hours and hours of backtesting and a lot of trading using your system learning what works and doesn't (if you haven't done that already of course).

    You can probably learn to make almost anything work if you can see the patterns in all the chaos...


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    tq mr winslow..interesting finding.but need to be tested

    stoch is reliable ind. i'll tweakk my stoch like you...

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