Who trades the KOSPI 200 options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by wilburbear, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. How's the liquidity?

    How wide are the bid ask spreads?
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    I don't trade them, but those are among the most liquid options in the world.
  3. I trade 'em. Liquidity is like silk. Except for very extreme circumstances (last 10 seconds of trading, etc.) front-month spreads are always 1 pip. One month out the spread can widen to 2-3 pips.

    Kospi options ... ain't no other contract like 'em on the planet.
  4. for option with value below 3 KRW, bid/ask spread is 0.01; otherwise the spread is 0.05. you can find the info on KRX web site.

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    KOSPI options are the perfect vehicle for low-risk, low-cost (IB), highly liquid trading , perfect for testing your strategies with real money in real conditions without stop losses messing with your head.
  6. I don't believe you can trade them if you are a legal US resident. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. At one time you were correct. Now I believe the Kospi exchange has gotten a 'no action letter' from the CFTC or some such, so US residents can trade. That said, I'm not a US resident, so not absolutely certain ...
  8. You had me excited there for a second until you said you weren't a U.S. resident.

    Anyway, what hours do you trade them and which country are you in? Do you trade the main session, or after hours? Thanks for responding.

    How 'bout it? Any U.S. citizens trade these, or know the real availability for the U.S.?
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    u can open a co. incorporated elsewhere other than US and trade it under the co.'s name