who trades OIL stocks here >>>?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by razor99, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. razor99


    i trade anything but am curious about those that focus on oil plays. hwo do you guys chart the price of oil in real time? do you subscribe to any site? most sites don't have the price of light sweet crude in real time on a daily chart..i noticed crude closed down almost a buck fifty yesterday but the OIX was up over a point and numerous oil plays were up..this is a bit perplexing to me...
  2. I started tracking etf OIL. If crude goes below 60 on Monday, I am loading up in 25k increments. If it drops, I'm gonna keep buying more and be able to sleep holding as it's just more likely to hit 70 a barrel going into the summer.
  3. Most charting programs chart Oil in realtime.

    You just need to pay the NYMEX fees for the futrures or pay the stock exchanges fees for the Exchange Traded Funds.

  4. tomjohn


    I also thought about charting crude real time, but the bottom line is that all you have to do is watch the real time quotes on any energy stock to know what is going on with crude.

    That whole scenario seems ludicrous to me, considering that the future earnings on any of these stocks do not revove around the daily or hourly price of crude.

    So, I have looked at it as an opportunity rather than a drag.

    Lately, when crude spikes up to the 62 area, I sell, and when a few days later it hits 59, I buy.

    It's not rocket science.

  5. I sold all my OIL. Kidding, I wish I still had it.:(
  6. lol i was reading this thread not looking at the date and i see 62 oil wtfff?? then i look at the date lmaoooo
  7. You don't want to know how much OIL I had at one time. Wish I held it "long term" but I have the quick ump and dump trader mentality. But there is no doubt I would have sold at $70-$75. I never thought it would even get to $100. I puked when I saw that trade on my taxes from 2007.

    I did try shorting at one point and ate a loss. Haven't made a trade on oil since.
  8. ye but this thread is a good reminder that oil was hyped at 62 now its hyped at 132 so the media doesn't really make any sense... i personally believe we will hit 140-150 as those seem to be nice even numbers either one then a pullback over the course of a few weeks to 100 and we will stay at that for the rest of 08'.

    I think Americans can still afford to pay for gas up to about 5-6/gallon but that would make the prices everywhere else like here in Canada 6-7 Europe 8-9/gallon and that would cripple peoples budgets as it already probably is in Europe... and besides that i think with a wee bit higher oil we will see a lot of the airlines that didn't hedge for 08' go down the drain....
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    Yea, I know the feeling. Still playing oil, but it hurts to buy RIG today at double what I paid last year for it...hindsight again
  10. dsq


    you think wrong...4$ is the breaking point here.People are panic dumping their suv's.Traffic is down significantly here in LA.Freeways arent as congested and a lot more people are driving at 55mph like me.
    Especially trucks.

    Combine the housing implosion,high gas,brand new worthless suvs with crazy loans and you have people doing the next logical thing:buying everything on credit card.Should be good times here in the next few years!!!
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