Who trades more then 50 lots of EQ/NS/YM

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  1. NS=NQ / EQ = ES (edit) absentminded hehe

    Anybody in here do this?

    How long did it take you to reach that point profitable?

    Whats your average pull in per trade?

    How is your drawdown if any?

    Do you scale in?

    How do you like the money you make :D
  2. Coolwhip, dear lad, it is clear to everyone on this message board (save the few other delusional neophytes who are also hopeless dreamers), that you have either:

    A) Been making fantasy trades off of a simulator.


    B) Been reading The Market Wizards series a few too many times.

    Now, to answer your question. I think I speak for the rest of the board, young Coolwhip, in saying, "yes, go for it. Please trade 100 lots". Within days you will be broke and this charade of yours will be over with. At such time, we can all be rid of your childlike idiocy.

    Good day.
  3. r-in


    Jackbyrd, maybe you can read the invisible print that no one else can, but as far as I read he is asking if anyone else has or does. I don't see any use of I, for example I trade 50 lots, I make lots of money. He is asking about others, and what they do. I 've noticed you are one of the people who are a rather obnoxious ass that has shown up on these boards lately, and rarely have value to add. If you don't like the post ignore it, or contact the moderator, but there really is no need for your crap.
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    there are some questions still on the table......I am interested as well

  5. I understand what you're saying; I too have been guilty of hounding and mocking coolie-bonk. However, if you think that he hasn't made claims of making lots of money, I suggest you have a look at his journal. The reaction he gets on other threads is a result of his journal b.s.

    Recently, he started strutting and asking for takers on a bet that he could make 30% on a $10,000 stake in one week by trading 15 contracts at a pop, or something equally absurd. He got two takers within 10 minutes and promptly ran away.

    Here is a small sample of his b.s.

    Should we just put him on ignore? Almost certainly. However, if people occasionally tell him to grow up, it's understandable, IMO.


    In the beginning, coolie-splork describes his profit targets

    something changes, though... soon coolie-splork is challenging all comers

    Here is coolio claiming that he is now trading 20-30 contracts at a pop

    on Nov. 16 we read

    then on Nov. 19, we hear that

    This is just a small sampling. So in the end, you can dis us for getting on coolwhip's case, but I really can't imagine why you would bother.
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    I enter in with 50-120 lots trading the 10 year note. Have been doing so since July, have been profitable all year and trading for 2 years. When I begun trading I did not scale in or scale out but with trading larger size I have found that it is more profitable for me to scale out of my postions. I trade intraday on average 40 trades/day.

    Did I miss anything?
  7. I suggest you listen to TraderNik's suggestion, sir. I will forgive your ignorance on this occasion.
  8. jim c

    jim c

    I work for a MM firm. My left click button (for TT) is 50 minis and right click is 25 minis. I average about 3k minis per side per day. (buys/sells). Now this isnt my money but my bonus..or lack there of , does have alot to do with my p&l. I hedge for the option traders on the floor. I am basically a local for our company. Buying and selling for our traders but keeping the bid ask spread for myself on most trades under 50 minis. :) My average p&l swings are anywhere from 5k to 30k per day. I also trade the YMs for our Co. I routinely get 100 and 200 lot orders in the yms. This sucks however due to the low liquidity. Its impossible to show a 100 lot order on the screen if u really hope to get it off. Everyone will just lean on the order. Needless to say my P&L in the yms is usually not that good. :( luckily we more than make up for this on the option trades. :) Im would love to hear from anyone who trades this size daily just to see what their take is on it. Good trading. Jim
  9. jim c,

    That was very informative, thanks espically about the YM part, Seems YM can't take 100 contracts since their liquidity is around 10-30 per point,

    When you say people lean on it,
    What do you mean by this?

    Do you mean you get 5 points slippage

    Or do people reverse on you and make you try to cover/sell your position?

    how come you do not hedge on ES?

    What is your total size when sending out 25-50 lots clicking?

    Thanks :)


    How are the profit swings for the size you are doing in 10 notes, Any off things you encounter as well?
  10. JackByrd sounds like .... the long lost Prince Philip
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