Who trades futures spreads here?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by crgarcia, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Be it index, commodity or currency futures.

    I want to share some experiences about spread trading.
  2. xty


    Hi ...... I recently started trading the spreads on crude .

    I have made some nice returns on it and also modified it a bit to cope with the scary moves lately.

    I would like to learn more and share what i know
  3. XBOT


    I watch the nat gas seasonal spreads.
  4. xty


    I watch the wti/brent spread ...........and intraday (seriously intraday....) this days u will be suprise it goes as far as .75 to 1 US$ during the regular trading session
  5. XBOT


    how is the liquidity in brent during nymex hours?
  6. I've been a grain spreader for thirty years. Grain spreads behave very nicely.
  7. xty


    the liquidity level compared to nymex is low......but over the past couple of weeks (say 4 weeks) its even getting worse. last friday it wti/brent went from +50 to almost 0

    That is where i think the oppour. is

    Pls let me know if u have other ideas regarding this .

    i have managed to develop 4 trading strategies using the brent and the wti . would like to discuss this with anybody that is interested and also i want to learn
  8. BigBoblz


    I'm interested in trading the WTI-Brent spread from home and was wondering who you trade with.

    For some reason IB have all the single futures contracts but not the WTI-Brent Spread! :eek:
  9. it is awesome!...many times 1-2 tick spread...also, much less on daytrade margin then CL...to me, "Brent is the new mini Crude Oil"
  10. grain spreads are so much easier.

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