Who told you today was going to be an up day before 9:35 EST?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. LOL!! it was just for laughs...

    p.s. there really was a great trade opportunity.....
  2. what a worthless thread
  3. HAHA

    true, but...

    what a worthless post (by you, also)
  4. Doxa


    .....and I hv only been at this for about 9 months.

    I do my (sim)trading after my normal job. If I sell my car, my kids have to walk to school. Even the time I take to learn is putting a strain on family life, and I hv not even lost a cent yet.
    I have read and studied as much as i could get for free (elite being a big part of that) and when i finally got a real-time feed , those 100$ were not peanuts to us.
    Still, I view trading as a way to "possibly better" my life. I look for more personal dicipline, being focused - everything involving a pc is challenging to me - it keeps me on my toes and my brain active despite the boring job I have and it MAY in the long run contribute to the wellbeing of my family. It MAY offer me the freedom of time and money I dream of. ----May!----

    The guys telling you to get a job are absolutely right. Not because you might not be "Trader-Material" but because it puts the whole thing into a healthy perspective.

    You do not do it to impress your peers, you do it for personal freedom and you cannot appreciate that freedom unless you have experienced the numbing pain of unfree employment.
    Or have experienced employed labour, maybe giving you a carefree "work is over, we know what we´ve done, lets party" attitude.
    ------ and then sat down to calculate how you could hv made the same $$$ without all that hassle.

    You will not be Gordon Gekko, but a bricklayer not laying bricks in the Bahamas.
    Which is fine in my book.

    If you have a valid degree in anything enabling you to pull just under 6 figure income and a stomach for the corporate bull****, no need to trade!!!

    If you are like me and do not have a proper education, it MAY be a way.

    If it fails:::::back to square one, if you have even that.

    The notion that all you need to be successfull is a personal will bordering on the insane, is totally american and of course totally wrong.

    To put it all even more into perspective for you , I am 40, two kids, not well paid, feeling young and confident about the future, no crying here about life being over for me.

    Best wishes for you my friend

  5. fabrizio



    I believe that a bit of " reality" and sane wiseness was dramatically needed here.

    Thanks for your post

    I sincerly hope that many could learn something from you.

  6. dookie


    up day ??:confused:
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