Who to contact with suggestions to fix up America

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Option Trader, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. I don't think you have to be a politician to come up with a good idea--who in America would be a good address to contact to share a quality suggestion with?
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    The answers to all the problems of the US and the World are freely available in any bar on any night.
  3. Imo, that's true. Sensible people are able to work out solutions over a cup of coffee. One minor detail gets in the way - POLITICS.
  4. First you have to write your idea on paper, explain why it would work and why its better than what we are doing now. It will have to be detailed, well thought out, and executable.

    Nobody will listen if you are just some guy who says "Hey, I think we should spend 100 billion dollars on green energy."
  5. www.blowitoutyourass.com
  6. Telling the Public Sector to shrink itself by 80% is futile.
  7. "Resistance Is Futile"

    The Ever Resisting VIPER
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    Theoretically your senators and representatives.

    In reality...