Who to Chose?????

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by XHK, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. XHK


    I'm currently trading futures through a broker called Brokerone via the J-Trader platform, getting charged 10-20 dollars per contract per trade plus monthly platform fees. I do around 20 r/t per month. So I'm getting ripped off for old technology.
    I've been lookin at alot of brokers but alot of the discount brokers don't offer the Agricultures & Metals. Also, some of them may not be financially viable firms. The big ones I've looked at are IB and TradeStation. But there're alot of negative write-ups about them.
    Could any one out there help me out???

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

  2. I couldn't be happier with IB. Can only recommend them.

    Why trust negative reviews when you could just test their systems yourself. Signup for a month to both IB + Tradestation and be your own judge!
  3. 100% agree
    Both are good platforms, each have their strengths and weakness.

    IB receives many undeserved negative reviews by those who did not fully read the users manual and familiarize themselves sufficiently and are unwilling to take responsibility for their own inadequacies. IB has the best pricing and available markets and instruments.

    Tradestation, is a bit more expensive but has an excellent charting program and auto trading platform.

    It is purely a matter of which platform fits your particular style and comfort level...

    You can't go wrong with either...

    Good luck and good trading...
  4. Aok


    Use Tradestation for charting and analysis. It's excellent for that. Make 10 futures trades or 25k shares of equities and the platform is free save for Xchange fees.

    Good deal. Great software.

    IB is better deal for executions and costs/commish. Take the time to learn about IB's strengths and weaknesses and you will avoid 90% of the "negative" reviewers problems.

    Read the latest IB review by "Flbum". I agree.

    Also search ET for "Buttontrader" "Zerolinetrader" "Ninjatrader" if you go with IB.

    Disclaimer: I use both TS and IB
  5. Seriously, you need to move to a broker that is not ripping you off. That's big time robbery. IB, Tradestation will be cheaper but I use NinjaTrader with Zen-Fire and it's better than anything I used in the past.