Who To Blame For The US Debt Downgrade?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradingjournals, Aug 6, 2011.

Who is to blame for the US Debt Downgrade?

  1. Ben Bernanke

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  2. Republicans in latest deal

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  3. Those responsible of W.'s policies

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  4. None of the above, but I love TJ's thread

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    We should be allowed by law to execute presidents who work for our enemies and lack patriotism.

    Whilst awaiting trial, Obama HUSSAIN needs to be chained up and caged in Guantanemo alongside his long-bearded brothers. We should allow Obama HUSSAIN to grow a beard, for we are a free country.

    HUSSAIN'S offspring and spouse should be deported.

    Obama HUSSAIN is an Israel-hater, and should pay the ultimate price for such hatred.

    God bless America.
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  2. What a stupid poll. Obama & the Democrats are not in the selection. I dunno if tradingjournals is a lefty, but in looking at this poll, one cannot categorize him as anything but a lefty. [​IMG]


    I cannot blame the Republicans for caving in on the debt deal. They are dealing with people who call their opponents terrorists, so how can anyone negotiate anything palatable with such radicals. It was either come up with what they did or let the country default. It was a tough choice, so I have to let the Republicans slide on this one.
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  3. Sorry but not accurate. The actual deficit for 2007 was $500B and for 2006 ~$600B. Bush kept almost all of his deficits "off budget" so the reported defict was only around 1/3 or so of the actual deficit. See below.

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  4. It's kinda funny, but there are some things that I completely agree with you on and other things that I find completely opposed to my worldview. Maybe, it's just lost in translation...

    On this matter, I completely agree. The whole two party system is nothing more than a "good cop / bad cop" routine that is engineered to give the plebe's some delusion of free will. I'd go so far as to say that in many cases they divide up the votes to make sure some onerous piece of legislation passes, but allows these so-called "fiscal conservatives" the ability to save face and proclaim "hey I voted against xyz stimulus".

    When push comes to shove and things really matter, you can always count on the Dems to turn into Repubs and vice-versa.
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  5. DT-waw


    dear americans...
    i'm 100% sure, you're totally doomed. so easy to manipulate.
    the elite always used the same old tricks "divide and rule".

    play two opposite sides against each other. the masses will be engaged in this staged battle, not seeing the real source of their misery.

    reps vs dems.
    knicks vs jets
    blacks vs whites

    nobody on ET will ever admit its citizens fault. the elite just gave you what you wanted- mortgages, credit cards. colorful, cool stuff to buy.
    you wanted to spend money on magic pills your doctors told you about? sweet. bush scared you with phony 9/11? trillions wasted on war.

    i can imagine crusades in dark ages, people believing in eternal hell and such. but in the age of the internet? its beyond imagination how the western world is dumbed down
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  6. 377OHMS


    You're an idiot..and a hater.
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  7. I blame Canada:

    The lead analyst on Standard & Poor’s cut to the U.S. credit rating is a Canadian. Nikola Swann is based in S&P’s offices in Toronto.
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  8. Eight


    Socialism in all it's forms over all of time fails afaik. So now we are seeing a worldclass, worldwide meltdown of socialism. The Republicans are only a little less socialist than the Democrats. Conservatives seem to understand that there has to be a limit to taxation or the economy will die, Democrats just don't seem to be able to do the math to get that... Anyhow, it's fantastic to be on the political sidelines and rooting for more screwups that create volatility, it's the only realistic economic outlook that works in all times...
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  10. please reveal the true source of our misery... Is it that you can barely travel a few miles without hitting a golf course, ...
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