Who thought up of the plan to send our industrial base to communist china?

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  1. I remember that Communism was bad and no one would dream of closing down factories that could build aircraft,autos,etc. and employed millions to communist china or any communist china.

    Our factories helped us win WW II

    So obviously adults in the 1950s would never thought in their dreams that we would do that or even the 1960s.

    It was anti american to get in bed with communism. So was it a specific group of people who planned this? So how did this all come about.
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    Deng Xiaoping.
  4. You can't support capitalism and prevent companies from seeking the lowest cost and maximizing shareholder value. What you are advocating is populism aka Hugo Chavez Venezuela
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    GOP RATs ..................Republicans Are Traitors..............:D :cool:
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    I always love how US big business comes across as so patriotic, you know put those massive flags up everywhere, make a big sing and dance about how great America and Americans are.

    But when it comes to making money, the US can go stuff itself because it's cheaper to get business done offshore :)

    I woulnd't be surprised if the corporate offices who have shipped most of the jobs overseas also have the largest Stars & Stripes flying over their building.
  7. It was the greedy pigs on Wall Street.

    At the rate it's going, even the Pentagon will have a hard time during war of being able to procure equipment & material.

    What if they need to ramp up production? Will they outsource it too?

    Greed, stupidity & overconfidence (ala US circa 2000) is bad. If not checked, it can completely destroy you.
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    Step right up everybody, who is YOUR favorite boogeyman?

    You know, maybe China did it for themselves.
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    when the gov't gives military or any contracts the restrictions re that the material technology and product has to be 100% made in the US

    the military contractors cannot even export teh technology.

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    Wallstreet, Defense and Fortune 100. Nothing makes Bankers richer than War.

    That's why the US builds foreign enemies only to bomb them decades later.

    It's a multi-generational sow-harvest cycle for the Defense Industry/Wallstreet.
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