who thinks the BIDU p&d was not planned.

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  1. I have a bridge for ya, in Bklyn.
  2. no joke...

    just amazing how this can happen and nobody smells anything fishy to investigate...sheesh
  3. Just image if the pumpor was some kid in a chatroom, he'd be arrested. But if a Wall Street firm does the same thing, its pure.

    BIDU stank. Esp since from what I understand, the stock with the symbol BIDU only has indirect exposure to the company in China and doesn't represent actual equity.
  4. Was there anyone identifiable who was pumping it? All I saw was the price going up last week and news reports saying that it was due to the expectation of brokers starting positive coverage this week. Did Meeker include BIDU in her report on Monday?
  5. yeayo


    I bet GS and the other broker shorted almost all 4 million outstanding shares yesterday. And don't even day BIDU can't be shorted cause I know a guy that did just that today.
  6. no she didnt. i saw a some goog to buy bidu speculation.
  7. There was a story circulating all day tues that some analyst was about to inititate the stock with a $200 target. The source of that rumor is what should be investigated.
  8. Something hit on CNBS about NWAC not filing for ruptsy minutes before it was halted and it DID.


    Speaking of which, I was actually quite amazed at the 80 cent (was as low as 70 cents) price for NWAC on that news.

    Efficient market? That would assume the stock was headed back to 5 or 6 or more if they did not file , assuming a 90% + chance of the filing. Markets continue to amaze.
  9. I believe GOOG already owns a small percentage (4%) of BIDU, and GOOG has the $4 billion offering going. Fuel for the fire. Maybe there was shorting?

    Then Goldman comes out with the $27 value, and Piper with the $45 value. And, it drops 30%!

    Did you see the upgrades to NWAC just before the mechanics strike? They were talking a $12 - $15 value. Shorts there too?

    Makes one wonder
  10. Read the IPO prospectus. If you had, you would have known that Goldman, Piper Jaffrey, and CSFB had 30 days from the initial public offering to purchase 481,304 ADS's at the initial offering price of $27.

    Thirty days forward was last Thursday when the stock bottomed out at $77/share. I exploited that information and made some really nice dough on the long side - one of my best swing trades of the year on size.

    Sometimes, you have to do your due diligence to make a killing! :D
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