Who the hell is this nutcase jack Hershey and why is he a free man

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Labor, May 29, 2012.

  1. Labor


    That numbnut Rick Santorum got one thing right.

    "where did this idea come from that on internet anything goes."

    Jack Hershey < why isn't this man banned from forums.

    Don't let his name fool you, he won't leave a sweet taste in your mouth.
    His posts make no sense, not even eccentric sense.

    This guy destroys the sanctity and commonality of a trading forum. The only time he makes sense is when he is insulting someone.

    Which tells me clearly that he is capable of rational writing, he chooses not to

    PS: Mods of this site are probably volunteers, paid people solve this kind of trash.
  2. Labor


    in order to spare you from researching his posts, this is what his posts look like

    the line between PPT and RPPT is adjusted for volume PPTP, this contently produces the ARP and consequent profit. That means all you have to do is extract the money flow of underlined conditions so that the equations are balanced, for the proportion of the direction

    once RTPT is reached, switch your position from long to short and let the vega carryover bring you the rest of the profits. This is super easy if you understand the market behavior.
  3. Labor


    my message to Mr. hershey

    In order to benefit from your wisdom, if I have to become schizophrenic. Take your wisdom and stick it into orifice of your choosing.

    Thank you
  4. wrbtrader


    You must really be a new member and not an old member with multiple aliases.

    The Jack Hershey story at ET is very old...arguably the oldest story at ET. Many have tried to ban him but only ended up getting banned themselves. Many have tried personally attacking him but only ended getting personally attacked by other anti-hershey fans that didn't like their eyesore message posts.

    Simply, just put him on ignore and don't hang out in threads that he hangs out in. That's how you manage Jack Hershey (seriously) because that guy has outlived all of those at ET that don't like him.

    Thus, don't start threads about the guy, don't respond to him and keep him on your ignore via clicking on his user name and then add him to your ignore list.

    Rumor is he's actually Baron (ET owner). :D
  5. Good advice.

    Hershey's like that running back in football who causes the announcers to say "You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him". "Contain him" by putting him on ignore.
  6. Labor


    I am speechless

    if this is true I am speechless

    so the gig is to make commotion and produce more posting.

    oh man that's nasty
  7. ocean5


    His second name is Fedor ''The Last Emperor'' Emelianenko
  8. You wouldn't believe what you can learn by the crap he pulls out of his orifice :D

    Seriously, take wrbtrader advice if it truly bothers you.
    wrbtrader is one of the good guys around here and has helped many in his quality posts.

    unless of course you are the resident ET Paul Revere.
    Then by all means... ride on through the night and get the message out.
  9. SteveH


    Hey, I've been saying the same things about Ken Wood (aka "Woodie") from "Woodies CCI Club" for years but still they flock to him as though he's some lost grandfather figure with sage advice about the futures market.

    That old man has enabled more at-homer blown-out accounts in the past decade than ANY vendor you can name. The Jack Hershey persona here is a total rank amateur next to this guy.
  10. Hershey may be crazy but you are certainly not one to talk...."COLD" :p

    Seriously, you are easily one of the top 3 craziest people to frequent this website; pot should not be calling the kettle black.

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