Who the GOP doesn't represent

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  1. women, minorities, gays, Jews, college grads.
    Good luck winning any election without one of these groups
  2. Younger, up and coming GOP strategists want to take the reigns.

    They recognize they are shrinking in their base - the trend is not encouraging for them.

    America is a mosaic. Their machine was built on white, rural and evangelical.
  3. hey, I've been at least accused twice of being YOU. it's quite cool to read your thoughts.

    Exactly, totally agree
  4. GOP lost to a black man called Barack Husseien Obama by a huge landslide.

    Time for the GOP to regroup and figure out who exactly they represent. The current base they are pandering to is a shrinking minority, and spending like a drunken sailor,big government is something else I thought is not supposed to be part of the republican tenet.

    They need to get back to fiscal conservatism, throw away this anti intellectual ideology,throw away this extreme fundie religious ideology, and get out of peoples bedrooms. Bring some young blood with new fresh ideas, someone the equivalent of Barack for the republican race.

    I am a registered republican and I voted for Barack, There are lots of Obamacons who jumped ship.


  5. Look now Oktiri is talking to himself.
  6. Bravo!

    So to translate what you say or put it another way...

    ....the republicans need to JOIN THE HUMAN RACE !!
  7. Atlantic





  8. 2012, can you say Bobby Jindal
  9. If an "Indian" were to take control of the GOP, Pabst would kill himself.
  10. People from India aren't black in Past sanity's world, they are white with a deep tan...

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