Who should I let rob me?

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  1. The problem as I see it is what type of order to place. If I use a stop limit then I can limit my slippage to say one "point" -- but at the risk of missing the runaway trades that are the most profitable (for example when it gaps past your stop limit price and never looks back). On the other hand you run the risk of the traders running your stop and then immediately reversing, which is what they did to me.

    Since I decided the contract is too big for me anyway, I'm going to switch to the mini futures which (as far as I can tell) only trade on ECBOT....

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  2. here is a hint for you

    A: either practice with SLV trading 100 - 200 shares

    at a time MAX position ... you can even scale in using smaller

    shares ... ( i.e. 25 - 50 shares ) using limit orders

    or if you must trade futures use mini futures 1-2 contracts
    using price limits on your orders

    and watch the action in SLV real time if you can

    believe me ... if SLV drops 50 cents and it is not a "bad print"
    silver futures will be dropping a few cents too
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  3. Are you saying SLV leads the futures? That would be interesting.....
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