Who Shot Him?

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Who Shot Kennedy?

  1. lee harvey oswold

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  2. the cia

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  3. some other bunch of beatnicks

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  1. FredBloggs

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    some of the alternative ideas to WHO SHOT KENNEDY than those which the government of the usa gives:


    i have always been surprised at the unquestioning belief of whatever the usa govt tells some people here on et. i admit, i was starting to think that many americans were a bit 'slow' and intellectually challenged, despite always having a very positive impression of americans when i have met them in person. luckily it would seem that my original thoughts were correct - that most americans are not as stupid as many here on et. this url has perhaps helped reinforce this view:


    please have your vote.

    personally, i think dick cheney was responsible.
  2. Was Cheney also responsible for the Moon Walk that never really happened?
  3. FredBloggs

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    err no dumb ass. the moon walk was done by michael jackson - and it did happen cos i saw it live on mtv in the thriller video.

  4. err no dumb ass. You THINK you saw the moon walk, but it was really CGI!

    Cheney fooled you again!
  5. Damn that cheney is cunning.
    And here i was thinking it was an elaborate suicide.:confused:
  6. dis


    Bush lied, Kennedy died.
  7. FredBloggs

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    maybe it was the same person who shot jr ewing?