Who says shorting stocks @ all time high isn't profitable?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. then take a look at UTSI. Shorting 52 week high can be very profitable, because lots of space to the downside.

    But you have to play your cards well.
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    Good job you did not do it in may,june or july!
  3. As I know that you are an option player, take a look at the premiums. IMHO you know how to play this. :cool:
  5. What is your method for shorting when you did vs. one of the other highs?
  6. probably will not make your headline a trading rule in an uptrending bull market.

    couldn't agree more. Apart, it is no core trading rule of mine. Just wanted to point out that buying 52week highs blindly can be a way into financial destruction. :p
  7. Maybe take a look at: Best trading patterns Vol.I/ from almighty Mr. Connors.
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    A thanks to heilbronner

    Well I didn't go short today 9-25-03 but I did pretty well with


    That stock has provided me with a bundle ever since you mentioned it awhile back to me in another thread.

    Anyone shorting today would have made more, but I picked it up earlier in the week going long around 36. So when it hit 32.5 and finally 31.70 something today I just had to grab a few shares. It dropped so fast in the early morning after closing down yesterday around 35 I just had to go long. There was a period when I was thinking the bottom of this maybe bottomless. So I lined up in the prayer line, bought a few more thousand and by a little after 10 am I was out several thousand to the good.

    Since the first time I made money on this goosey stock, or goosey owners of its shares I've been trying to get back here to thank you for keying me in on it.

    PS. hope you have done well too
  9. Yes, I also made a little money with UTSI, it's a great stock you can play with, especially with options.

    But no need to thank me, because:

    You did the trade
    You risked your money
    You managed it to get out.

    So, it's you my brother who deserves to get some money from someone else.

    :) :p