who says great traders must spell

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by fluideq, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. fluideq


    half the traders in the pit
    our anywhere just need to profit

    most good traders urinate in bottles

    just know when to bid, offer, take an offe,r hit a bid

    thats the whole frigging thing

    maddof im sure spells perfectly

    is it the power of the pen

    our reading the tape charts etc
  2. I am so happy for you that you are making all that money. Why not use some of it for remedial spelling lessons? And don't presume that those who value proper orthography are rich frat boys. Some of us are Appalachian-born single-wide trailer trash who valued education (and the ability to spell so as to avoid looking like a rube) as an escape from poverty.
  3. jaley


    intelligent people care about spelling
    it doesn't matter if you're fucking rich or poor
    misspelled words irritate me. it's the same as seeing people say 1+2=5. the general rules of spelling aren't that difficult. anyone who doesn't bother to learn the rules of their own language is dumb
  4. thats right, brother. i aint got no time.

    to busy building my portablefolio. i got a

    5 gal bucket i use to crap in......try to keep

    it covered during busness hours......lol.....

    these dummys think there special cause

    they know 8th grade spelling...pftttt...what


    there almost as bad as those stupid

    morons with letters next to there name

    thinking they know whats going on or how

    to fix things. there so dumb they can not

    look on the internet and see everthings

    been figured out for them.... all they got to

    do is listen.........
  5. There are many tools on the internet to spell check. You don't need to know how to spell these days. You just need to not be a lazy fuck.
  6. "who says great traders must spell"

    Lots of Traders don't care about spelling but it bothers the people around them.

    Hang on a minute ..is that 'spelling' or 'smelling'

    What the truck.

  7. Stosh


    If your carless, their is know way that your not going to make misteaks and loose you're money.