Who said there is no money to be made on Day Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wanna_Betrader, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Dont complain about this market , lots of $$ there if you know how to collect them.

    I am a newbie and i just started to trade with some guys that make huge $$$ almost every day.

    I am posting Here the result of Live Trading for the past 2 dyas, Oct 06 the team leader made 300K yes that is 300.000 $ and then today Oct 07 he made $109,000 . there are several other traders that also make huge $$$.

    If you dont make money then dont blame the market, and dont bring excuses This is the best market to make $$$ if you know how to do

    Itry to post every day some pics or videos here But Plz do not send me PM because i can not and wil not answer them
  2. Oct 07 results
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    you are on the wrong site

    we have 1 winner per 5000 losers
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    you posted some guys results from Oct. 2006 and Oct. 2007?

    you get the 'so fucking what' award, and why was this thread so high on the list in the forum? it's old
  5. Cool dude, paper trading is awesome.
  6. Well i have to say i have personally see people make money in trading but very few.
    And yes it is not a cup of tea for everyone:(
  7. LOL.
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    Actually, you get the "dumb-fuck award" for mistaking Oct 06, 2008 and Oct 07, 2008 for 10/2006 and 10/2007. It was in the clips, right next to the big clock and the Obama article.
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    I was hoping for better in this post.