who said Hedge Funds can't make these returns?

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  1. Gee I have seen many B*S* posts here .
    Who says Hedge Funds can not make 100%+ returns with big money.....?

    For the first nine months of 2009, Tepper's flagship Appaloosa Investment LP I fund returned 117.3 percent. That made it the top performer among $1 billion-plus hedge funds tracked by Bloomberg. (In 2008, though, that fund suffered a loss of 26.7 percent.) Appaloosa Management's three other hedge funds posted stellar returns this past year too, ranging from 83.5 - 114.4 percent. Profits from the funds totaled approximately $6.5 billion through Sept. 30, and Tepper himself reportedly earned $2.5 billion.
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    That's sick.
  3. "Making" and "made in an extraordinary year" are 2 different things.

    If memory serves... in the tech bubble, a couple of UNLEVERAGED mutual funds made nearly 500%.