WHO"S doing the buying???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AutomatedTRader, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. ARE there any services...that can be subscriped to that show which institutions are doing the buying or selling? for NYSE stocks...and if they are how much are they? and how accurate are they ???
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    The order books for NYSE trading are non-disclosed (i.e. it is not public information).
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    thomsonfn.com or something has something similar to it..

    more of a flag to pay attention to, not something you want to follow directly.
  4. thomsonfn.com or something has something similar to it..

    I need something more real time than what Thompsonfn offers....i want something like on the Nasdaq where you see all the players..

    I wonder if Bloomberg offers something
  5. i worked for thomsonfn.com and used their Autex service (another thomson company). you can subscribe directly to autex for 300/month i believe (the version that does not allow you to post messages). autex is a message system used between institutional brokers. the messages, or "Indications of Interest" are usually slightly below (for buys), and above (for sells). thomsonfn.com provides a scaled down version called "I-Watch." it does not list the exact buy amount (they use a composite arrow), it doesn't provide the broker, and it is 10 minutes delayed. also, goldman sachs won't allow them to post it, so they aren't included.

    institutional brokers are either actual sell (buy) limit orders from clients, or the broker is looking to get an order in for a block (advertising that they have 100k to sell, and they will short to the buyer at a price higher than the current market, and get some commissions for doing the trade).

    for NYSE trades, if a trade took place through a thomson advertised message, then the broker will report back whether it was a buy, sell, or cross trade, and the amount bought or sold. you only get the broker, not the institution that they were acting on behalf of. All NASDAQ blocks executed through Thomson are effectively cross trades, so a broker will report all trades back as a cross trade.

    For NASDAQ stocks, there is also a platform called 'watcher.' it'll tell you when a market maker is trading with an ECN. i believe REDI+ has a separate NASDAQ platform with this feature, maybe under a different name that has thi want to say 'eyes', but not sure that is what it's called.

    bloomberg has pretty much what thomson has. however, i can't tell if they are listing the actual buys or sells, or the indications themselves. i don't see both on there.

    also, here's autex's website: http://www.autexsys.com/

    when i worked at thomson, they said you have to be a broker/dealer to subscribe, though i'm not sure that's accurate. i work at a prop firm....a broker/dealer, but not an institutional brokerage firm, and someone subscribes.