Who represents American Democracy. AIPAC or congress?

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    House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote

    The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.

    "There's a lot (of lawmakers) that don't feel it's right ... but vote yes, and get it the heck out of here," Rahall said.

    "This is the usual problem with any resolution that talks about Israel — there are a lot of closet naysayers up there (in Congress), but they don't want to be a target of the lobby" of Israel, said Eugene H. Bird, president of the Council for the National Interest, a group that harshly condemns Israel's military campaign.
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    So in effect there are many individuals who disagree with this resolution, congress people who are supposed to be representing their voters yet voted for the resolution because they fear the wrath of the Jews and AIPAC.

    so in effect here we have concrete proof that 1% of the American population controls the American government. so much for the American version of Democracy.
  3. And they do, at least in this case:

    July 13, 2006

    In the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, do you think the United States should take Israel’s side or the Palestinians’ side?

    Israel’s side 39%

    Neither side 43%

    The Palestinian’s side 5%

    Suppose for a moment that the Palestinians who are holding the Israeli soldier do not release him. Which one of the following actions do you believe Israel should take?

    Increase the pressure on the Palestinians
    through military action

    Give in to the Palestinian demands by releasing
    more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners

  4. That is all great that the congress can vote to support Israel, meanwhile the invasion of the US from Mexico continues unabated, and so does the Senate give away of the US . . .

    Furthermore, all the beligerent reconquista mexicans I've seen, support the Palestinians, so any US support will probably only last a few more years.
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    You echo my sentiments exactly. The Jew controlled US congress does not want to do anything about the mexican invasion because it is in Jewish interests to dilute away the white majority.

    The US taxpayer pays out 2700.00 for each mexican invader than the invader puts back into the US economy, yet the Jew controlled neo con Congress throws up smoke screens on every turn when the issue comes up for debate.

    If the neo con congress was actually doing what the voters want, they would have authorized a war on the mexican invasion. But they won't, because getting more Mexicans inside the US dilutes the power of the white majority which plays into the hands of the 1% jewish minority who control almost everything of economic value. However I do not yet understand why the neo con Jewish controlled congress also supports the terrorist wahabis aka Saudis.
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    It seems to me the Majority would not give a shit if we were to wipe all the semites out of existence.