Who remembers Jan 1995?

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  1. Looking at the attached chart, who can recall policy/fiscal/other events that may have caused this breakout?
  2. Sorry, screen capture quality is pretty rank. Looking at the Dec '94/Jan'95 period on the S&P 500, significant and lasting break from previous trendline
  3. The cause of this was fundamental.

    After 40 years the House of representatives went over to the Republicans 1/20/95
    The House is important because they control the budget process.

    Newt Gringrich and the Contract with America was a plan to balance the budget and more importantly it was a check on the leftist and reckless Clinton Whitehouse to that date.

    Of course, in 5 years Gringrich was successful and politically forced Clinton to the middle and together they balanced the budget.
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    Netscape IPO was in Aug 1995 so it isn't that
  5. So, on election of a conservative congress, the market anticipates forthcoming reforms. I could see that. I also notice this break is within 1 yr of the boomer generation average demographic age of 40; any revisions to investment (401k, capital gains, etc...) policy expected or passed at this time?
  6. My chart shows a rally in treasury note futures prices and likely a reduction in USA interest rates about year 1995. I have futures charts that show a bull market in grains and cotton during 1995, maybe there was a drought.
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    Mexico financial crisis. $50 billion flowed into Mexico. U.S. banks were no longer in danger of collapsing as a result.
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    Kobe earthquake in Japan, causing Nick Leeson to destroy Barings.
    This would have caused the spike in treasuries.
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