Who Posts All Their Trades ?

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  1. Only those who want to sell $3999 course or promote their web site/book will post their "selected " winner trades

    Amateur or paper traders did post all their traders

    None of the real profitable traders will post their actual trades here to give away their edge for free.
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  2. cornix


    Posting trades and giving edge away are two very different stories, especially as for discretionaly trading methods.
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  3. This make my day and weekend
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    LuisHK doesn't trade, he's reading your posts and learning what not to do :D
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  5. I post all my trades in real time on twitter at http://twitter.com/cashcarewins .

    Real time means the twitter feed is connected to my trading platform so I don't have to think about posting them.

    It's a 90 day experiment, you can read more about that and what I am trying to do in my journal at http://www.cashcarewins.com .

    BTW, the first person to read this will be the first person to know about that outside my family.
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  6. I have no clue what that is.
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    You really believed that knowing someone's entry points equals to knowing all nuances of his trading decisions? :D
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  8. In futures trading you buy the bid and sell the ask. Here is what the string looks like in code:
    string str = qty.ToString() + " percent " + e.Order.Side.ToString() + " " + e.Order.Instrument.Name.ToString() + " " + e.Order.ExecutionList[e.Order.ExecutionList.Count - 1].Price.ToString();

    qty is converted to percent, Order.Side is bid or ask, etc.

    Fwiw, e is the callback structure from the server api.

    3/24/2011 10:55:40 AM 50 percent Ask ESM1 130125

    Date time qty side K price

    Hope the alignment worked out.
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  9. I assume you've never traded. What edge can anyone possibly give up by showing their trades. I do it in real time, but even that is after the trade. By the time a human can process it the best trades will never trade at that price again, so you'll end up getting all the losers and only most of the winners.

    I thought about showing all my orders, but that would just be so much noise, I might place 5-10 orders for each execution.

    I think the 'real profitable traders' who do this kind of thing are not interested in doing it for the money.
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  10. A number of traders post their trades on profitly. I think that people trying to sell something should post their trades but I don't see the point in amateur's posting theirs or pro's just trading for themself. Why should I post mine? It's not an audited track record and there is enough information overload in the world already.
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