Who Posts All Their Trades ?

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  1. For example does ronblack post all his trades ?
    If so where ?

    Anyone who posts all their trades (not just the winners) on this site or elsewhere on the net please add your name to the list.

  2. Does luisHK post all his trades ?

    If so where ?
  3. ronblack

    no reply from you yet

    why is that ?
  4. Who has time to post all their trades?
  5. Nine_Ender

    Where are your trades ?

    We are waiting.
  6. Nine_Ender

    No reply from yourself.

    Why is that ?
  7. fanews


    only amateurs post tradeds.

    only paper traders post trades on internet.

  8. lol.. only amatures post trades... ha ha ha .. that's like saying pro porn stars never post their videos on the internet. You can be a pro and post trades.. or you can be a newbie and post trades.. or you can be in the middle and post trades... who cares..

    Most people on this site who do not post trades with time and sales most likely are paper traders.. heck who knows for sure what anyone is really doing. I have found parts of this site to be good and bad but it's like trading.. pick the good set ups.. threads and if they work for you then great.

    I post all of my trades.. good and bad.. nothing great yet.. along with my year to date statements.. it is no big deal to post that stuff.. we are still anonymouse besides.. I could be posting my IB account while I make all of my span margin strangles at MF global since IB has ridiculous futures margins.. none of us here truly knows .. and that is fine. There are no holy grails.. no perfect always working setups.. so even if you see what i do.. which isn't all that great lately.. then who cares..

    link to my trades:
  9. Lucias


    I post/have audited my hypothetical futures trades here:

    I keep a real money thread in the journals. Same basic trade ideas but smaller account. Sometimes different results. I trade the NADEX binaries and spreads with real money. It is $10/point for per contract. I have my account at IG Markets.
  10. cornix


    I post both winners and losers in my ET journal, Twitter feed and the blog.

    Those are not all trades I ever take, but all within the given method I publish.
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