who plans going long SKF?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by forsalenyc, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. and SDS.....anything else?
  2. it's funny how they enforced the short banning rule on SKF here.....I can only go long SKF......is something wrong with my system? or u guys having the same problem?
  3. just21


    Dollar lower, Interest rates up, gold up oil up, stocks would be tanking if it were not for short covering.
  4. i have hard to locate skf here..i guess i can call up and try to lcoate it if i really wanted it
  5. S2007S


    Long SKF around $91.95.

    However Im long UYG too, but for some reason im seeing SKF drop as UYG just hangs about, in the last hours SKF has dropped from 92-93 to 87-88 while UYG has dropped from $24.25 to 23.75

    I think the new rule could be affecting SKF at the moment, im a little confused as to why this is happening, with UYG falling SKF should at least be trading around $90-91.
  6. in @ 91.....out @93.50 ............yohoo!

    now the long sellers are bringing down the mkt.....wtf is the different.......
  7. Peloro


    I have opened the same thread some days ago. You can find it in the page.....3

    Regarding SKF it is clear that this ETF is not suitable for long term trading.

    Due to its high volatility and volume, is more suitable for "day trading" only

    In this way of trading, doesn't matter the price but the sense of movement.

    In two day trades I increased my account in +14% and could live to tell it :)