Who pays the E15 damage.

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    I dont know Mr Ralph Nader
  2. http://content.usatoday.com/communi...llow-15-ethanol-in-gasoline-up-from-10-now-/1

    Classic government largesse. Ethanol is much less efficient and worse from an environmental aspect. But yet the government is pushing for this and laws being put in place to mandate minimum levels of ethanol.

    BTW: Republicans are big pushers for the Corn Lobby and for bigger government and more deficit spending so they can enrich multimillionaire corn farmers.

    "A broad coalition of environmentalists, public health advocates, livestock ranchers, and automakers have long opposed EPA's move," he says. "Burning ethanol can cause toxic air pollutants to be emitted from vehicle tailpipes, especially at higher blend levels like E-15. The chemistry is fairly straightforward: ethanol burns hotter than gasoline, causing catalytic converters to break down faster."