who owns these firms

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  1. I was just wondering who are the owners of these big brokerage firms? Are they publically traded? Or does an individual owner own the whole thing

    I was just curious about who owns firms like...
    Bright - I know this is the brights
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    IB - Publically traded (IBKR)
    Assent - division of Sungard (SDS)
    ECHOTRADE - owned by ML???
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    You should remember the Bright's are family owned, didn't your law school sister tell you that....ahahahaha.
  4. LOL, Bright is us.

    Assent, first bought by Sungard and then this I think.

    Sungard goes privateCrumbs! - biggest deal since Nabisco
    By John Oates ¨ More by this author
    Published Tuesday 29th March 2005 10:37 GMT


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    US security and continuity specialist Sungard has been bought by a group of private investors for $11.3bn - the largest such deal since Nabisco was bought by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in 1988 for $25bn. Sungard owns UK disaster recovery firm Guardian IT.

    The buyers include Bain Capital, the Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Providence Equity Partners and Texas Pacific Group. The group is led by Silver Lake Partners. The deal is a leveraged buyout - Sungard will be taken private and its shares removed from Wall Street.

    http://www4.sungard.com/locations/index.php?action=unit&unit=Assent LLC

    I think Assent is included in the buy out...if someone at Assent knows differently, let us know.

    IB is public now, started by Timberhill (very respected group).

    Echo was started by ex Bright traders, as was Van Buren trading. The two merged, for various reasons. Then Echo was merged into their clearing firm, Pax a few years back. Then to Merrill. Last I spoke with Rob over there, the same people who started it are still involved. Again, if things have changed, and I'm in error, please let me know.