who owns the Moon?

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  1. bat1


    answer this one smart one

    in Economics...which country says they
    really have all rights to the Moon

    this is not a joke Question
  2. the one and only answer is...God Almighty...this is no joke and totally serious...
  3. Russia put a plaque on the Moon declaring their ownership of it
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    I would have to say the US considering we are the only country to put a man there and have a flag implanted there.........supposedly.
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    In economics? Is there some value to the moon that I am unaware of? (maybe later, sure.... i mean you can't just grow land) but seriously, isn't this a political question?

    The answer, by the way, is.............
  6. Joe


    The moon and Antarctica have the same type of ownership from what I learned back in my international law class.

    I also learned that international law is bogus, and no one has to hold up to it, if they don't want to because there is no higher power to enforce it.... of course we know what would happen if a country were to defect from a treaty...
  7. nonam


    No one owns it yet.Who ever occupies it will own it.The moon wars have yet to be fought.The UN needs to get its act together to ensure there is no fighting on earth.They need to mandate a war zone within a certain distance of the moon.
  8. jmoo


    The earth owns it...

    You must have a lot of free time to come up with these profound questions...
  9. bat1


    could this be it?

    The legal issues concerning ownership of extra-terrestrial real estate are still extremely vague. One of the underlying issues is whether private ownership of such property is recognized. As stated by the United Nations 1967 publication "Outer Space Treaty", space is the "province of all mankind", and is not subject to claims on sovereignty by States.[1] As treaties apply to States and place obligations on States, and since the Space Treaties were drafted at a time when, realistically, the only "people" going into space were States, none of the space treaties make reference to private parties. The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 has currently been ratified by 98 states, including all the major space-faring nations.[2]

    Legal experts agree that while private ownership of the Moon is not explicitly forbidden, and while Article 6(2) of the Moon Agreement is seen by some as challenging the fundamental notion of non-appropriation in space, property rights on the Moon or other celestial bodies do not exist. The main obstacle to owning a part of the Moon or celestial bodies is that there is no legal system of property law, or indeed any law, on the Moon or celestial bodies, thus no rights of ownership can be created. State sovereignty allows a State to impose and implement its law on its territory, and no state can do this, due to the principle of no-appropriation in space enshrined in Article 2 of the Outer Space Treaty. The Moon Agreement states the "exploration and use of the Moon shall be the province of mankind and shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries". Individual ownership rights thus fly in the face of current space law.

    However, it should be noted that no major spacefaring nation has ratified the Moon Agreement; thus this treaty was seen as somewhat of a failure, although it was signed by some countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium and Chile.[2]International Ownership Treaties
    Antarctic Treaty System
    Law of the Sea
    Outer Space Treaty
    Moon Treaty
    International waters
    Extraterrestrial real estate

    The legal issues partly depend on which is being discussed:
    Land ownership on planets and moons
    Ownership of vacant space
  10. "In the planetary hierarchy, Sun is the king and Moon is the queen.

    Moon owns Cancer, is exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio, and its Moolatrikona position is in between V and 30' of Taurus. It is friendly with Sun and Mercury, and is neutral with Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. It is seriously afflicted by the nodes; Ketu in association with Moon intensifies the perversity of a person and Rahu arouses suicidal tendencies.

    Moon is the cosmic mother. Solar energy incubates under her care prior to its being concretized in material form. There is a close relationship between Moon and the growth of life forms on earth. The procreative processes of plants, animals, birds, and human beings are, deeply affected by Moon. Our, emotional responses, and intellectual capabilities are closely linked with it.

    In predictive astrology Moon plays an important role. Its birth-time placement in an asterism determines the planetary ruler ship over the individual. (See Dasa) If Moon suffers from Kemadruma Yoga (q.v.) or from Sakat Yoga (q.v.), the person suffers throughout his life. The presence of Gaja Kesari Yoga (q.v.) makes Moon highly auspicious. The auspicious nature of Moon is greatly strengthened by the occurrence of Anapha (q.v.), Sunapha (q.v.) and Durudhara Yoga (q.v.). If Adhi Yoga is present in relation with Moon, the person becomes very prosperous.

    Moon is the protective, motherly influence which guides life at different phases of growth and development. It provides periodicity to existence and the capacity to merge with the Life Universal. Related with Ajna Chakra (q.v.), Moon enables yogis to attain enlightenment."
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