Who opened a long position and what will happen next?

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    This happens all the time in illiquid markets of huge high risk jumps, it is like trading lumber, you can end up bankrupt if you go short when you don't have a clue how to read charts and don't know how to hedge.

    You can clearly see very small stair stepping up, selling resistance and buying support, also shows some took a bath if they were short, and either stops were triggered to get flat or reversed to send even higher. Markets that fly steeply, often come down as sharply.
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    Or even worse; because a lumber yard owner could actually take delivery of lumber/commercial use .So, when something has no fundamental value is [except for short sellers/exchanges]; expect more bankruptcies in that stuff.
    So its like the short seller said ''fundamentals win in the end'':cool::cool: I actually have some ''Tulip Time'' stainless steel flatware, but its a gift + has fundamental value, not much, but a bit; when new; but its used now:cool::cool:
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  3. Well said!
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  4. Crypto market, being highly volatile is unpredictable. Rise and fall up to 50% are considered to be the normal movements of the market compared to 5%-10% rise and fall of the stock market and compared to 1%-5% rise and fall of the Forex market.
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  5. Guys, what do you think about these levels of support and resistance? Снимок.PNG
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    There's a buyer between 4700-5k. If he keeps holding the bid, you're good.
    I'm long a couple crypto stocks (not the actual currencies) because momentum. I'll keep buying strength with a catastrophic stop until it fades and then I'm out.
    Who cares where the resistance is? The wind is at your back, trade it long until the trade falls apart.
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    bought 2g's worth of ltc @30$
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  8. Due to high volatility and unpredictability, in this case me will have to enter either with a small volume or with a short stop. in the first case, the profit is small, in the second a bad enter can knock out from the market and go in the right direction
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  9. Снимок.PNG

    The graph shows that the price has twice touched the level of resistance and support.
    It is more logical and more accurate to plan the entrance and enter
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    It's almost as if you have absolutely no idea what you're doing.
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