Who offers autotrading from trendlines? (desperate)

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  1. I came across this on youtube. It's auto-trading from trendlines. It was programed for MetaTrader.

    here it is....


    Does anyone know if this has been offered by anyone like genesis? (aka programmed by someone for genesis?)

    I'm looking for something like this for trading equities.

    I'm looking to do this in openquant, but i don't want o re-invent the wheel here.

    Think Genesis API could do this?

    Sorry to sound so stupid, but I am (figured i'd take away any confusion :p)
  2. There are many auto-trendline expert advisors for MT4, available freely (I hope you're not planning to buy, nor shilling for, that one in the youtube video). Just take any one of them (here's one) and convert the code to your program of choice. Shouldn't be that difficult if you're familiar with coding indicators, etc.
  3. This is a nigh useless feature in Wealth Lab Pro, even allowing you to trade off such charts. I knew it was possible in WL4, don't know about WL5.
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    We have done it with Tradestation and Metatrader, but that was eons ago and my old code is on a dusty DVD somewhere since we don't use TS or MT4 for that.

    So google it, and I'm sure snippits of code will come up. That's how we found out how to do it.

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  5. You guys are great. Thanks. :)
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    Tradestation, from TS2k on, and Multicharts are good for that. Your script can read lines manually drawn on the chart... NinjaTrader can't do that, their scripts can draw the lines on the charts but can't read a manually drawn one..

  7. That's what I'm looking for. I think i'm going to use one of those.

    I was hoping to go through Genesis API to do this though.

    Anyone know of a decent way (if it's possible) to get the data from one of those sources and have it execute in Genesis (or Genesis API)?
  8. Still a useless feature. I wouldn't recommend trading like that.
  9. Sending orders through Genesis or trading through manual lines?