Who no Time and sales on Trader P/L 2009?

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  1. I started looking at the thread trader P/L 2009 and I noticed that no one shows the actual timeand sales of there trades for the day?

    Just curious why no one does this.... honestly.. as far as reverse engineering is concerned.. thats a bunch of bull.. especially for when most traders posting are making and losing daily 0 to 100 bucks a day...

    Anyone with an answer?
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    yeah, it kinda sucks, i've asked before, but no one seems to want to give away their amazing strategies for fear that goldman sachs will steal them.

    i tried starting a best/worst trades of the day thread that could at least be a little more educational but no one posts on it.

    maybe if you start posting a few actual ins/outs on trades others will follow. good luck.
  3. there is no free lunch OKAY buddy????
  4. you know its funny, only on ET people say this sh#t. Most other professions, hobbies, sports, etc pros are willing to give back. But nope, not on ET.

    God forbid if you help your fellow rookie out. Oh but you suffered so much in the 10 years it took u to make money. Therefore, everyone else should suffer like u did, right ? Wrong !

    How do we grow as a society with these selfish pricks we call capitals running the show
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    There is nothing wrong with helping others, and I have posted some advice on this board in the past... however:

    Not many other professions involve directly taking money from your competition quite like trading does. Do you think a poker pro should go online and tell everyone exactly how he reads specific opponents, and what "tells" he has picked up on? Should a pro football coach write a book about how he reads a defense and how he decides which calls to make when playing specific teams? When you give advice on a board like this, you are directly helping your competition... that's why some people don't offer much, and I can't blame them for that. Every dollar you make is being taken from someone else, and vice-versa.

    Having said that, there isn't much harm in sharing most information and techniques for the most part, since most people have mental issues with trading and that's why they can't make money.... not because they can't find a decent system. Also, offering a bit of advice on a board is hardly going to change the market. In any case, most people (including me) are not about to just publicly post every single aspect of their trading system for everyone to see, because everyone who is reading it is going to be directly trying to take my money.

    As an example, Richard Dennis had a great system going for a while in the 80's... until everyone learned it and started using it, and then it stopped working.
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    It's called "trickle down economy" :eek: :p :D

    I help people with security, software, order placement, etc. problems but if you want my systems and you don't have my family member hostage with the clock ticking... you are asking for a lot of trouble...
  8. I've mentored 2 traders in the last 6 yrs, one on one, and took a lot of my own time to make sure they were able to make a nice living in index futs. I won't do it on ET, too many posers, and too many damaged goods here.

    I actually posted an online ad where I asked people to submit letters of why they wanted to be a trader and I read them all and chose 2 guys (2 yrs separating each guy) who gave the best answers for what I was looking for. (Of course I showed my trading metrics to prove my worth to them beforehand). I didn't charge a dime either, what would be the point of that anyways.

    So, just because some of us do not "help" noobs much on ET doesn't mean we aren't doing so in other ways or in other venues. ET is not the end all be all :)

  9. so u want entry and exit on each trade? are u kidding? that means Red has to stay up all night to post lol. try making a new thread under the name "Not only P&L 2009, BUT ALSO every entry and exit along with rationale behinde it" and good luck with it.
  10. Agreed. I have helped and been helped. Trading is cut throat like no other. Futures is negative sum, factoring in costs. So you are fooling yourself if you think someone is going divulge in detail.
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